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warmest spots, 90s inland. 95 a high in concord, 85 a high in san jose, 70 for oakland and 68 in san francisco but a cooldown is in store over the next several days as we see a storm actually dropping down from the north. we'll take a closer look at that and how it's affecting our local weather in just a bit. but first, let's go to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> kind of a gray day right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. at least traffic is moving well. in fact, we don't have any major hot spots out there right now. so far we are doing pretty well. we had that earlier traffic alert in sunnyvale that's now cleared. so we'll have more traffic in a bit including a check of mass transit. back to you. >> thank you. more of the fishermen who survived in the gulf of california are coming home to the bay area this morning with some very unsettling stories i'm sure. anser hassan is in san jose where the two are expected to arrive by bus any minute now. anser. >> reporter: good morning, anne. after a fatal boat accident off
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the coast of mexico, the two bay area survivors had a long trip home. they couldn't fly home because they lost their passports. then they decided to drive back by truck only to have their truck break down at the u.s./mexico border. so they got on a bus and that's where we are live this morning at the greyhound station in san jose where we are expecting their return of the two men this morning. lee ikegami and michael ng are the two bay area survivors. they attempted to drive back in the truck of their friend leslie yee who is picture the here. he is the confirm fatality. sunday the fishermen were tossed into the sea of cortez when their boat capsized in a violent thunderstorm. some of the survivors from the fishing boat made it back to the bay area yesterday. they complained about the boat's captain and are faulting him for the accident. >> if he had turned into the wind we work -- he sunk us, in
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other words. the crew, i didn't see the crew, nobody came around and woke us up or gave us life vests, nothing. >> just the will to survive. all of us went in the water at the same time. it was pitch black. we treaded water until it was light. and just tried to stay afloat tried to stay alive. >> reporter: the mexican investigators and navy are refuting the claims. they say the boat's captain did everything he could to keep his passengers and crew alive. now, the two survivors, lee ikegami and michael ng are expected on a 6:20 bus that's supposed to arrive here at san jose. we'll have the latest live upon their return. anne? >> emotionally and physically exhausted no doubt. anser hassan in san jose, thank you. in early investigators looking into the deadly plane crash of a small plane into a hospital in watsonville. the plane went down last night at an office at watsonville
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community hospital. investigators say the single- engine mooney was registered in santa cruz. it went down shortly after take- off from watsonville community airport. both people in the plane were killed. you're looking at amateur video on the ground. on the ground, nobody was hit or injured. a violent night in oakland. 10 people have been shot in the string of separate attacks. the shootings happened in a 9minute period at four different scenes -- 90-minute period at four different scenes. someone shot three people on 90th, then 108th avenue, then 15 minutes after that officers found three victims back on 89th street and finally, officers responded to another shooting with one victim on international boulevard. no word on if any of these shootings were connected or gang-related. family and friends of missing nursing student michelle le plan search parties next friday and saturday but today they are having a fundraiser to pay for their search efforts. it's going on at the sizzler's restaurant on hesperian in hayward between 11 a.m.
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and 10 p.m. 20% of the proceeds will go to the le family if the diners mention the le case. the astronauts are now on board space shuttle atlantis for the final liftoff of the nasa shuttle program. the atlantis mission is going to be the 135th and final one for america's space shuttle program. these are live pictures in florida cape cap of that shuttle which appears to be ready to go but stormy weather in florida may force postponement. as of now still set for 8:26 this morning our time. joining us live now is jack boyd with the nasa ames research center at moffett field where much of the work on the shuttle program has taken place over the decades. thanks for joining us, good morning, jack. >> thank you. welcome to ames research center. >> you're having a viewing party over there. are things popping? >> yeah, they are starting to arrive. we are having a great function here. we hope a lot of kids will come
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by because it really inspires them i think to see something like this. >> and for you, jack, i know you've worked on the program for a long time. this has to be bittersweet seeing the last shuttle go up. >> it is sort of sad but we have gone through this sort of activity before with mercury, gemini, apollo, then the space shuttle. and i think we always have exciting things in our future. ames in particular is a research and development center which helps prepare for the next mission which i think will be unmanned mars missions, missions of the astronauts. so we still have exciting things in front of us. >> can you tell us more about your role in those projects going forward? >> some of the projects that are moving forward? we have -- ames is fortunate in that it has scientists and engineers working in both aeronautical programs to develop more efficient safer aircraft. we have science programs looking at the possibility of life in other plays. our new kepler mission which is han buy flying looking for
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possible habitable planets is really exciting and has some findings that i think will keep us busy for years analyzing. >> all right. very good. we know weather is going to play a huge factor in this. you don't make that decision, but what exactly are they looking at when they make the decision on whether or not to launch this morning? >> well, i think we are still looking at a 30% chance but they are loading up as though we are going to go. so we'll hope for the best. >> thank you, jack boyd nasa ames moffett field, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. one of the privileged few going for the ride 48-year-old rex walheim of san carlos. there you see him. walheim is a native of the bay area and a graduate of uc- berkeley. there are no more tickets left for today's viewing party that we just saw jack at, at moffett field. there is a similar event called the last blast that's going on at the chabot space and science center in oakland. tickets will be available for purchase at the door but hurry over there. it starts at 7:30 this morning.
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time now is 7 minutes after 6:00, time for traffic and weather. kristy, you have been keeping an eye on the conditions for that launch down in florida. how's it look? >> it was looking pretty cloudy out there as you saw in those shots outside. as we look here, you can see in the clear right now, but there is a system that is sitting just to the west and we have about a 70% chance of seeing some showers and some thunderstorms during that window when it's supposed to take off so we'll have to wait to see if it will take off on time. as we look locally at our weather here, no rain in the forecast. but we are seeing some fog along those bay shores and also at the coastline. clear for the most part in those inland spots. temperatures outside right now pretty mild in the 50s and 60s. 53 in san francisco. 55 in san rafael. 59 in concord. 57 for fremont and livermore. we'll take a look at how hot it's going to get in just a little bit but now let's go to elizabeth with traffic. >> thank you, kristy. and along the peninsula, things are moving along just fine. that earlier traffic alert southbound 101 at lawrence expressway and sunnyvale is now gone. cleared all lanes re-opened.
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we have just learned that the lawrence expressway on-ramp to southbound 101 is still blocked. apparently the rig is still off there to the shoulder with tow crews with chp but the main lines of 101 open. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass a little sluggish but not too bad, 17 minutes to the 680 and dublin interchange. other slow spot no surprise westbound 4 bottlenecking right there around a street. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. if you fallout over britain's tabloid hacking scandal. why a former editor is now arrested. plus a disturbing new admission from pg&e. the pipeline errors raising concerns. and for the first time we are hearing from jaycee dugard the chilling account of her years in captivity. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep. [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. explosion in san bruno. according to the san jose mercury pg&e is admitting more mistakes in the wake of the deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno.
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according to the san jose "mercury news" this morning the utility told state regulators that it misclassified several segments of the pipe in california. in some cases the mistakes led to glass pressure being set higher than federal safety standards allow. the "mercury news" reports that pg&e is now reducing pressure in merge 30 location statewide and is reducing -- in more than 0 locations statewide and is reduce -- in more than 30 locations statewide and is reducing pressure in other pipelines around the area. the state utility commission is going to add five pipeline inspectors bringing the total to 18. a baseball fan fell to his death last night in texas at a game between rangers and the oakland as. it was the second inning. shannon stone, who you see there catching that ball, a 39- year-old firefighter and rangers fan was trying to catch that ball tossed to him by a texas outfielder after a foul ball by oakland's conor jackson. stone leaned over and caught it and then fell over the railing
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plunging 20 feet onto the concrete below. he later died from his injuries. the legendary field manager who led oakland to its first two world series championships has died. hall of famer dick williams managed the as from 1971 to '73, winning the world series in his final two seasons with the club. williams died yesterday from an aneurysm in southern nevada hospital. dick williams was 82. the time now is 6:13. next stop, hospital. the royal couple, the special welcome they will get from governor brown. and maria shriver moving on. her next step since filing for divorce. and we are clear for take- off here in san francisco. nice conditions all around the bay area going to top out at 72 today and mostly sunny skies. and it's also going to be nice in chicago if you are headed there. we are going to see mostly sunny conditions there as well
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high of 76. different story as we continue to make your way to the east. it's going to be warmer and wet weather there in new york, 83 degrees and showers and thunderstorms. a full look at our local forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two of the survivors of the fishing boat that sank in the gulf of california are riding 17 minutes after 6:00. a look at today's top stories.
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two of the survivors of the fishing boat that sank in the gulf of california are riding the bus home this morning. they are expected to arrive shortly in san jose within the next few minutes really. four others returned to novato yesterday. republicans and democrats still far apart on reducing the national deficit but more talks are planned this weekend between president obama and congressional leaders. and today police in london arrested a former editor of the "news of the world" a tabloid implicated in a phone hacking and police bribery scandal. looking at a beautiful day today, plenty of sunshine on the last hot day before we see a significant cooldown. right now outside taking a look off the roof cam, you can see some of the fog along the bay shores also seeing fog at the coast. out the door, conditions are pretty mild sitting in the 50s and 60s. we are clear inland. a little low clouds and fog at the bay shores and at the
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coast. this afternoon, clearing out nicely and hot temperatures in those inland spots. at the bay we should see mostly sunny skies. at the coast a few sun breaks although some clouds will linger, as well. now, the reason that we are seeing that warm weather today is an area of high pressure that's been holding strong the past few days but that big change that's in store is because of this area of low pressure that's going to drop down. we are going to start to see that marine layer build. and that means we are going to see some cooler temperatures significantly cooler temperatures by the time we hit next workweek but for today, plenty of sunshine. get outside and enjoy it. high of 83 today in los altos and sunnyvale. 86 high in campbell. milpitas topping out at 84 and union city at 80. over in the east bay, seeing a few mid-90s in pittsburg, antioch and brentwood, 94 the high in san ramon, 74 in alameda, 72 san leandro and 77 in hayward. 85 today for san rafael warmer in fairfield at 92, mill valley topping out at 75 and 6as a high at stinson beach -- 60 as
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a high at stinson beach. extended forecast showing a cooldown for the weekend and really cooling down for the start of the next workweek dropping down not 90s to the 80s and then -- dropping down into the 90s to the 80s and then mid-70s by the time we hit wednesday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> i think we can call it friday light. no major hot spots across the bay area. here's a look through the east bay. this is the nimitz 880 through oakland as you pass the coliseum. you can see those taillights now moving northbound. about a 15-minute drive between 238 and the maze may see. southbound traffic cruising, as well. looks great out of downtown san jose in the northbound lanes of 280. 101 no major slowing there either. your bridges nice and quiet including here at the san mateo bridge. this right here all this traffic heading westbound that is the commute direction westbound 92. your drive time is 13 minutes right now heading out of hayward and coming off of the high-rise heading towards the east bay, so far, so good in those eastbound lanes, as well. bay bridge toll plaza where a lot of folks are heading this
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morning. so far no metering lights and no delay heading into san francisco. by the way i mentioned that they had closed the section of northbound embarcadero right there at howard for a movie shoot. crews are in town filming a movie so apparently that just wrapped up. so all lanes once again re- opened along the embarcadero. so yes, nice easy quick trip into san francisco. mass transit by the way remains on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. maria shriver reportedly in the process of buying a $10 million home. sources tell tmz the house is in brentwood not far from where o.j. simpson used to live. it's also close to the home that she lived in with former governor schwarzenegger. convenience could be a real consideration in that choice given that she is looking for shared custody of their two minor children. last week, she did officially file for divorce. 6:21. profiling over poofy hair? why a passenger is accusing the
6:21 am
tsa of a racial discrimination. plus jaycee dugard speaking out about her stolen life. the disturbing fantasies of phillip garrido and how she felt when she finally came forward. it's going to be an amazing story she has to tell. but we are going to take live look right now in florida. that is inside the space shuttle there. about to close the hatch and apparently, still planning on liftoff this morning which is supposed to take off around 8:26 our time. weather is a real concern though. there is only a 30% chance of this thing actually lifting off but again, as you can see, they are still planning ongoing forward at this time. we'll keep you posted and we'll be right back. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,
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is now set for july 17th. corrections officials have mad casey anthony's release from jail is now set for july 17. that is a week from sunday. correction officials have made a detailed recalculation. that's after a judge sentenced her yesterday for four convictions of lying to police after the death of her 2-year- old daughter. the judge denied a defense request to combine the misdemeanor counts which could have made her eligible for immediate release. she has been in custody for more than two years. this morning, we are hearing from jaycee dugard for the first time. she gave a tv interview in advance of her book that is set
6:25 am
to hit stores next week. elizabeth cook has early details from her memoir. >> you just do what you have to do to survive. >> reporter: this is the first time we are hearing the voice of jaycee dugard. here she tells abc about the birth of her first child when she was just 14. >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. >> reporter: she is now 31 years old, getting ready for her tell-all book to go on sale next week. photos of her on resemble the picture of her at 11, the age when she was kidnapped from her south lake tahoe home. she describes how she was taken while walking to the school bus stop. the garridos used a stun gun to paralyze her then bundled her into their car throwing a blanket over her. when they got to the house near antioch, she remembers being handcuffed and forced to take a shower with phillip garrido. the rapes started a week later. she says phillip would get high
6:26 am
on drugs before he indulged in his fantasies. he even videotaped it. she writes that she can't understand why another human being would do what he did. she says, the moment she revealed to police her real name, it was like breaking an evil spell. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. in her grand jury testimony, and in her book, dugard says one of the reasons she stayed with garrido because she wanted to make sure her two daughters were safe with her and that she was frankly afraid of the outside world by that point. the book "a stolen life" goes on sale next week. 6:26. coming up, the latest outrage over airport screenings. the passenger pulled aside for a hair patdown. why she is now accusing security agents of racial profiling. we are minutes away from the return of two bay area survivors of sunday's fatal boat accident. we are live in san jose and bring you live pictures straight ahead. also taking a live look at
6:27 am
the shuttle atlantis in florida. just over two hours and counting until the atlantis is scheduled to plastic off. how the weather is -- to blast off. how the weather is holding up for this historic launch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a quick here's good morning.
6:30 am
it's july 8. i'm anne makovec. frank has the morning off. time now is 6:30. time for a quick check at traffic and weather. here's kristy seifkin in for lawrence karnow this morning. kristy, the boys are away. >> the boys are away, just us girls today. gorgeous day today. warm inland, hot 95 in concord, 85 high in san jose, oakland topping out at 70. san francisco high at 68. a full look at the forecast in a bit. over to elizabeth with a check on traffic. >> thank you, kristy. we'll go out live towards the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is so friday light this morning, they haven't turned on the metering lights. as you can see, no delay right now approaching the pay gates. we'll have more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. 6:30. fishermen rescued in the gulf of california are starting to return home to the bay area. we sent anser hassan to san jose for this morning's expected arrival of two more survivors. their trip back home has given them a lot of challenges, anser. >> yeah. absolutely.
6:31 am
that bus was supposed to be here at 6:tomorrow. it's running late. -- 6:20. it's running late. what's a few more minutes after the day they have been through. we are waiting lee ikegami and michael ng who are two survivors from the boat accident on sunday. here's a picture of a friend leslie yee the confirmed fatality from that accident. his two friends attempted to drive the truck back to the bay area only to have the truck break down at the us-mexican border. so they got on a greyhound bus and they are expected home here this morning in san jose. those three were part of a fishing vacation off the coast of mexico. their boat capsized in a violent thunderstorm. all 27 passengers on board including the crew were tossed into the waters off the coast of mexico. several of the men returned to the bay area yesterday saying it was their will to survive that kept them going. >> so right when i get up on
6:32 am
top i look and there's the whole crew with brand-new life jackets on. and none of the passengers had anything. >> a lot of the life jackets were up on the upper deck. and so you just dove out into the water hoping you could find an ice chest or anything to hang on to. >> reporter: not all of those men have been so fortunate. five of them are still missing. one confirmed fatality. now, again as i mentioned we are waiting for a bus that's bringing home two of the survivors. the bus was supposed to be here at 6:20. looks like it's running late. we'll have live pictures of that homecoming as soon as they arrive. >> wow, like those guys need any more hassle. i hope that they are doing well physically and mentally when they arrive because seriously challenging. now, anser, i also heard that they have had some scathing criticism for the captain of the boat. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of these guys were going on vacation. they thought they were having a goo time but some of the guys were experienced fishermen and
6:33 am
they say that the captain mishandled entire situation that when the thunderstorm hit the protocol he followed he didn't. they also say some of the life jackets were being used by the crew and not given to passengers. but the mexican investigators and the mexican navy refuting those claims and saying the captain did all he could to save his passengers and his crew. so a lot of questions that still have to be answered and hopefully these two survivors will bring some answers to those. >> anser hassan in san jose, we'll check in with you later. two people are dead after a small plane crashed into a hospital in watsonville. that fiery accident happened around 7:30 last night at an office at watsonville community hospital. federal investigators say the plane was registered in santa cruz. it went down shortly after take- off from watsonville community airport. you're looking at some amateur video now from the scene. both people on board the plane were killed. but remarkably nobody on the
6:34 am
ground was injured. >> plane crashed, and then everybody started texting everybody on facebook. >> it's kind of scary. everybody is just in shock to kind of just find out this news and i don't know what's going to happen after this. >> the cause of that crash still under investigation. a violent night in oakland. 10 people have been shot in a string of separate attacks. these shootings happened within about a 90-minute period at four different scenes. someone shot three people on 89th avenue less than an hour later someone shot three more on 108th avenue. 15 minutes after that, officers found three victims back on 89th street. and finally, officers responded to another shooting with one victim on international boulevard. no word yet on if these shootings were connected or gang-related. we do know the name of the man whom wart officers shot and killed at the civic center -- whom bart officers shot and killed at the civic center on
6:35 am
sunday. 45-year-old charles hill with no known address. unless the d.a.'s office objects, bart will release surveillance video of the confrontation when the investigation is complete. the oakland police officers union overwhelmingly voted to give up 9% of of their pensions in exchange for keeping their jobs. the deal guarantees there will be no layoffs for at least four years, no furloughs, and 22 laid-off officers will be rehired. the agreement is going to save the city $65 million. but despite the sacrifices made by the officers, the police department is still going to get rid of its motorcycle division effective tomorrow. time now is 6::35. quick check on traffic and weather. plenty of sunshine in store. taking a live look outside at mount vaca you can see the sun coming up. low cloud cover out there and a little bit of fog hang on at the bay shores and coastline, as well. as we look at that, here you can see clear inland. and the good news is we'll
6:36 am
clear out around the bay and the coast, maybe lingering clouds at the coast later. temperatures now look like this. 55 in san rafael, 57 for vallejo and for livermore. 58 in redwood city. and 60 in san jose. temperatures today similar to where we were sitting yesterday maybe a few degrees warmer in some spots. 88 the high in napa. 85 santa rosa. 82 redwood city and fremont. seven-day forecast showing a cooldown in store for saturday and sunday. and we'll continue to cool for monday and tuesday. by wednesday you can see we are actually going to slide into the mid-70s in our warmest locations so enjoy that 90- degree weather today. going to be big changes in store. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. let's go out live to pleasanton near the dublin interchange. westbound traffic on 580 actually doing great no major issues this morning. let's go to our maps.
6:37 am
out of the altamont pass, westbound 580 now a 19-minute drive from 205 towards where you just saw. 680 and the dublin interchange. but, you know, this is better than typical. usually it's over 20 minutes now for that drive. so not too bad there. antioch we are seeing slowing on our sensors from that a street towards somersville road. but if you are hitting walnut creek, better news now. i thought this might be a developing problem but it was quickly cleared to the right shoulder. southbound 680 approaching the 24 interchange, there was a two- car crash again cleared to the right shoulder. tow crews may still be on the scene. outside friday light out of downtown san jose. so far, so good on 280. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the wait and the countdown continue as nasa decides whether to go through with this morning's historic space shuttle launch. live pictures now. the shuttle mission the atlantis is going to be the 135th and final one for
6:38 am
america's space shuttle program. this is a look at right outside of the shuttle. they are about to -- i believe they just have closed the hatch door but stormy weather in florida could force postponement of the big event. right now it's still set for 8:26 this morning our time. the astronauts again are on board. they are suited up. the launch director is quoted as telling his crew, we do have a shot at this today. and we will be following it for you. was it a case of racial profiling? an air traveler wants to know why she was singled out for a search of her hair. laura ady . ele had just gone through an advanced imaging search at sea-tac. she was wearing her hair up when they searched her hair by hand. now she is wondering if the search was racially motivated since her hair drew more attention from the tsa. >> there were many other females around me who were not black who were not having their hair searched who had curly --
6:39 am
i mean, i distinctly remember looking at a woman with her hair in a ponytail, curly, big hair, thinking why isn't she being accosted, as well? >> a spokesman for the tsa says the agency has a policy that any head controversy that might conceal weapons can be searched and that agents have to resolve those issues at the checkpoints. prince william and kate touching down in los angeles later on today to start a very busy weekend in southern california. the royal newlyweds will get a welcome from governor jerry brown and kristine lazar is outside the british consul- general's residence where they will be staying. how are the digs over there? >> reporter: oh, can you see behind me? this is hancock park known for tree-lined streets and beautiful mansions. the one behind me that is where the royal couple will be spending three nights. but they are going it great lengths to keep the paparazzi out. and you can see beside me they already have a police car here. they will be shutting the
6:40 am
street later today. video of the duke and duchess of cambridge in calgary yesterday leaving canada and will arrive at l.a.x. at 3:40 this afternoon. the governor, the mayor, they will be there to welcome them. from there they will go to a business event in beverly hills and wrap up the night with a reception here on june street in hancock part. they will have business, political and philanthropy leaders. they will be mingling with hollywood's elite. >> it's the first time that catherine has ever visited america so she will be excited about it. william has only been here a couple of times. they have got meetings apparently with tom hanks, jennifer lopez, marc anthony. >> reporter: and on saturday the royal couple will travel up the coast to santa barbara where prince william will participate in a polo match. i mentioned the paparazzi. we have been into the backyard of this mansion. there's a lovely pool and 6-
6:41 am
foot tall fence and on top of that they have a green tarp to keep out the telephoto lenses. live in los angeles, kristine lazar, back to you. >> we have plenty of people wielding those lenses down there. thanks, christine. time is now 6:41. the economy hit a major roadblock last month. a look at the june jobs report out just this morning minutes ago. we'll have that. plus, drawing a line in the sand. the final showdown between democrats and republicans on raising the debt ceiling. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on those early numbers. whoo! everything looking down this morning. that could be a product of that poor report we just saw. coming up we'll have an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. stay tuned. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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a great weekend in store for the bay area. another hot one today and then we'll start to see a cooling tren. for today mostly clear conditions, beautiful shot outside over the city skyline a few low clouds out there along the bay shores but should clear out nicely. out the door this morning, temperatures in the 50s and the 60s inland spots certainly clear right now like i said around the bay, some low clouds and at the coast low clouds and
6:45 am
fog. we should clear out for the most part by this afternoon. hot temperatures again in those inland spots in the bay sitting in the low 70s at the coast a little cooler although we're see some sun breaks. so still a good beach day. we are getting to see that warm weather because of the high pressure that's holding. but big changes in store as we see this low that drops in for the weekend and we start to see that marine layer build as well and so that means much cooler weather. so if you want to be outside when it's still warm head outside today because we are not going to see those warm temperatures for much longer. 79 is the high today in mountain view, 83 for los altos. 87 in cupertino. milpitas topping out at 84. and 84 union city. cooler at the bayshore, 71 alameda, 77 hayward, 96 as a high in brentwood. up in the north bay 83 for san anselmo, 79 vallejo and 68 in san francisco. extendextended forecast,
6:46 am
cooling down next week. only mid-70s in the warmest location. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. highway 4 slow especially right there as you pass a street. actually slow all the way into pittsburg right now. crossing the benicia bridge, traffic looks great on southbound 680 all the way into martinez. and in fact we are so friday light this morning, they have not turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge so should be a nice smooth easy compute, a gift on friday the easy commute into the city. lower deck traffic looks good. san mateo bridge this is the commute direction and yeah, the picture tells the story. looks great all the way towards the high-rise. foster city. and if you are heading towards the east bay, heading towards hayward, looks good eastbound, as well. about a 14-minute drive in either direction. the nimitz back out to the east bay. 880 through oakland, northbound and southbound traffic, quick easy ride all the way down
6:47 am
towards hayward. knee is golden gate bridge, this camera has been dealing -- the golden gate bridge, the camera has been dealing with fog, visibility an issue. sluggish approaching the pay gates. northbound traffic going against the commute is fine. mass transit is all on time. so far no delays for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. markets around the world are reacting to this morning's job report from the labor department. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and jason, we just saw all the indices looking down this morning. >> reporter: and this is not the news we wanted to see this morning. it's incredibly disappointing and really a surprise. we had gotten communications that the job market seemed to be picking up. private payroll processor adp is looking for a gain of 157,000 jobs in the private sector. but as it turns out, according to the labor department, only a
6:48 am
gain of 57,000 privately labor jobs but then the public sector cut 39,000 jobs so you wind up with a net gain of only 18,000 jobs. that was less than in may which was only 25,000. very weak numbers. need to see at least 125,000 new jobs each month just to keep up with new people coming into the workforce. as a result of all of that the unemployment race rose from 9.1 to 9.2% and the underemployment rate including those who are working part time and would rather work full time that rose from 15.8 to 16.2%. now, other things like average weekly earnings and they were flat for last month and if you lack back over the past d.c. will be back over the past year, weekly earnings are up only 1.9% compared to the consumer price index which is up 3.6% mainly from higher gas and food costs so paychecks are not keeping up with inflation. and weak jobs don't bode well for the economy.
6:49 am
that's the why the market is nervous about that this morning. let's look at the numbers. and it's not good but it could be worse. the dow right now lower by 107 points. nasdaq is down by 22. the s&p off by 13. this after a couple of weeks of strong gains. the dow was basically right on top of a high for the year. we need to see the job market pick up to feel better about the economy. manufacturing has gotten better but there are big concerns today. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and major talks about the federal deficit in washington, d.c. and here in the bay area, scathing report about a billion- dollar transit project in san francisco. let's get some insight from our political insider phil matier and former assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown. >> hold that thought. hold that thought. good morning! >> good morning. >> this is one of the most interesting story we had just about every year. it's called the debt ceiling.
6:50 am
[ laughter ] >> my next question to you is you want to talk about political speak. [ laughter ] >> debt ceiling. okay? ceiling implies going up. things are getting better. when you go in debt you're in a hole! you're going deeper in the hole! >> that is true, phil. where did the debt ceiling come from i think is your credit cart. you have a certain limit on your credit card. that is your debt ceiling. you can incur that much debt. >> but what i find interesting is the change of the wording from debt limit to debt ceiling implies something positive. oh, we are just going to raise the ceiling. >> and that's all we ever do. >> what i find also fascinating is the number. we are talking about $14.5 trillion. that's the debt ceiling. and what they are arguing about in washington isn't whether to pay it off well. >> no. they are not talking about paying it off. it's how much more can we spend. >> when they are talking about obama and guys sitting around
6:51 am
talking about we are going to face catastrophe it's like you sitting down with your wife and saying we are marked out on the credit card we need to get more credit. >> that is correct. we need to go back and talk to china and say, how about sending over some more money that you have gotten from all the things you have made that we've bought? that's what this deal is, phil. believe me, you can't run government without it because you can't do government on a cash basis. >> wait a minute. it doesn't seem fair when cities have to do it, they have to balance. states have to do it. they have to balance. we just had that. or they don't get their paycheck. the feds sit around and argue about let's raise the limit. >> northern of the other units of -- none of the other units of government have the responsibilities that the federal government has. you don't have to engage in three wars. you don't have to do the number of other things. >> you don't get to print your own money. >> that is correct. that's -- by the way, print and sign their own money. they not only print it. they sign it, too.
6:52 am
you get prosecuted for doing it. they don't. >> if i signed the money it's called bouncing a check. >> that's usually -- and you get prosecuted and that's usually the way it happens. so you know, but you have to raise the debt ceiling. you have to in order to keep government working. otherwise, government cannot borrow the money it needs to close the cash flow -- >> we'll go into that later. right now, right now, speaking of cash flow and oh, the wig hole in san francisco they are starting to dig the central subway grand jury report scathing says we can't afford it that basically you're building the golden gate bridge underground. >> well, let me tell you. >> cost $1.4 billion. that's going nowhere. it was your idea. >> not just my idea! hopefully it's going to be one of my achievements, one of my living achievements. anytime you do a capital project of that size and in that way, you are going to be criticized for it for a long
6:53 am
time until it's done. when it's done, and it starts to be used, people are going to say, i don't know why we didn't do this a long time ago. [ pause ] >> you're saying that with a straight face. >> it is the truth. [ laughter ] >> what's going on over there? >> you'll do anything for a ribbon-cutting. i'll leave it at that. >> so phil, i'm guessing you're in the a big fan of the project then? >> i have questions about it because every time we have these reports that people take a look at it. they say they can't afford it, it's probably going to stretch muni to the breaking point but every politician in this city -- >> first and foremost. >> -- from nancy pelosi on down have signed off on this. >> and nancy has been very helpful because most of the money for the central subway comes from the feds and the state. the city is almost not in at all. we don't raise the debt ceiling we won't be able to afford it. >> i know where you're going. >> you're going to hear a lot more about this. stay tuned, sunday morning 7:30. we are going to hear in these guys. thanks for coming in.
6:54 am
t-minus 1.5 hours and counting. the chances today's final space launch may be delayed. a final look at that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 am
6:56 am
[ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. expected back in san jose in the
6:57 am
e two more survivors of the fishing boat sinking in the gulf of california are expected back in san jose within the next hour. the two have been planning to drive the truck belonging to one of the victims leslie yee but the truck broken down near the u.s./mexico border so they took a greyhound bus that is expected to arrive in san jose with minutes. four our survivors returned to novato yesterday. one of them blamed the boat's captain for its sinking saying the captain gave life vests to the crew not passengers. investigators in mexico say the captain did everything he could to save everyone on board. seven men still missing. this could be the final countdown or maybe not for nasa's space shuttle program. as of now atlantis is set to launch from cape canaveral florida at 8:26 this morning our time. but rain and thunder in the sunshine state may force
6:58 am
postponement. live pictures outside of the shuttle. the astronauts are inside waiting to hear whether or not they are about to launch. chances are that the launch will happen as scheduled -- only 30%. so the chance is not so good. it is not clear when nasa is going to make a decision. for now, the astronauts just standing by. to minutes now before 7:00. quick check on your friday and weekend weather forecast. >> it's looking good. looking like lots of sunshine today and we'll have plenty of sunshine for the weekend as well but cooler the start of a cooling trend. today temperatures still in the mid-90s inland low 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast with sun breaks then cooling down for the weekend. significant cooling making our way into monday and tuesday. by wednesday, check this out a 20-degree drop in temperatures in the warmest locations. so get outside and enjoy the hot weather today. how's traffic, elizabeth? >> traffic is great. it's a friday. so it looks like a lot of people are taking today off. bay bridge toll plaza no delay heading into san francisco. they finally turned on the
6:59 am
metering lights about half hour later than we typically see so really looks great all the way across the upper deck. i'm going to try to show you one more map. maybe i'm not? well, there is a stall on westbound 580 approaching north greenville road. so it's causing a little bit of extra traffic as you pass that. but overall about a 25-minute drive time out of the altamont pass towards pleasanton and the dublin interchange. >> thank you. a lot of stories that we are watching in the day ahead including the shuttle launch. we'll keep you posted on that as well as the two survivors returning to san jose this morning. thanks for joining us for the cbs 5 "early edition." and we would love you to join us for the "weekend early edition." my producers are saying i can do some shameless self promotion saturdays at 7 a.m. and sundays with phil matier at 7:30. thank you so much for joining us. have a wonderful weekend. "the early show" is next. they are going to keep us posted as we wait to hear more on that shuttle launch. hope you launched your friday

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